Jimmy "The Shiv"

Death House Barber of Sing Sing

Sing Sing

List of executed Jimmy gave last haircut

List of executed Jimmy gave last haircut

The Tombs

The Tombs

The tiers of cells, Sing Sing

The tiers of cells, Sing Sing

Sing Sing Field Day, 1922 - Jimmy won the sack race

Sing SIng Labor Day Picnic. Jimmy is second on right at table. Warden Lawes on left standing.

Picture of picnic at Sing Sing -- man standing with plate is Jimmy.

Barber school at Sing SIng -- Jimmy is working second chair (1919-1921)


Sing Sing's death chamber with electric chair.

Electric Chair

The Second woman to be executed in Sing SIng, Ruth Snyder. Jimmy gave her the final haircut.


Ruth Snyder - Sing Sing mug shot

Henry Judd Gray Ruth Snyder's accomplice and lover.

Ruth Snyder Murder House where Albert Snyder was murdered.

Moment of execution of Ruth Snyder -- the only picture ever taken at the moment of execution of anybody. It appeared in the New York Daily News.

Jimmy in 1928 in front of Warden Lawes's house at Sing Sing

Warden Lawes on the day of his retirement - 1941

Jimmy in Sing Sing in 1928-29, ready to accompany warden's daughter to New York.

Jimmy in the warden's car.

Sing Sing money used by the prisoners in the Mutual Welfare Store.

Warden Lewis E. Lawes in his office in 1920

Warden Lawes with the Principal Keeper in front of Sing Sing entrance

Correctional officers for Sing Sing prison

The barren vastness of the prison courtyard


Aviary at Sing Sing built by inmates.


Prison Magazine edited by Warden Lawes

New York Evening Journal building.

Exterior of the Death House

Death House Cells

Barber shop for prisoners at Sing Sing

Exterior of Sing Sing with rose garden beautified under the direction of Charles Chapman "The Rose Man of Sing Sing".

Aerial view of Sing Sing, 1914


Letters from Jimmy to Maria while he was in prison