Jimmy "The Shiv"

Death House Barber of Sing Sing

Mobsters and Molls

Monk Eastman

Military Funeral of Monk Eastman

Eddie Diamond, Owney "The Killer" Madden and Jack "Legs" Diamond

Eddie Diamond, Jack Diamond, Jacob Shapiro and Lucky Luciano

Third from left is Arthur (Dutch Schultz) Flegenheimer and his legal team leaving Newark Federal Court.

Dutch Schultz and friends at a ballgame in Syracuse -- 1935

Dutch Schultz and James M. Noonan, former district attorney, now Schultz's attorney

Weapon used to murder Dutch Schultz and card of police man who did investigation

Five Gangsters, Joseph Rosen, Ben (Bugsy) Siegel, Harry Fietelbaum, Harry Greenberg, Louis Burkhouse (Lepke). Lepke was the only one of these to get the electric chair -- this for killing Joseph Rosen.

Lepke arrested going to Sing Sing after his conviction.

Meyer Lansky

Lucky Luciano

Luciano mug shots

Lucky Luciano at home in Naples. He was released from prison and deported in 1946, following reputed cooperation with the United States Military prior to and during the invasion of Sicily and later of Italy.

Legs Diamond the day he left courthouse acquitted of charges -- he was murdered that night (1931)

Jack Legs Diamond's widow, Alice Kenny Diamond. She was murdered on July 1, 1933, by the same men who killed her husband when they feared she was getting ready to disclose their identities.

Joe Adonis also known as Joseph A. Doto, head of the Brooklyn rackets.

Joe Adonis arriving at court in Hackensack to face trial with four of his henchmen, accused of running a one billion dollar gambling setup. Named with co-leader Frank Costello of the underworld. He never spent one day in jail.

Frances "Two Gun" Crowley in Sing SIng.

Frances "Two Gun" Crowley after her was shot, being taken into court to testify

Carlo Gambino, head of the Gambino family.

Vincent (The Chin) Gigante, was with the Genovese family. In a power struggle he attempted to assassinate  Frank Costello

Frank Costello and attorney Kenneth M. Spence attending Federal Court

Frank Costello at Senate crime investigating hearing 1951

Vito Genovese arrested on a murder charge, but went to jail on a drug charge.

Virginia Hill -- Bugsy Siegel's mistress in whose home Bugsy was ambushed and murdered. -- 1955

Bugsy Siegel tried out for movie roles. This is one of his publicity shots.

Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas 1946. The only tall building in Las Vegas at the time -- long before the Strip.

Arnold (The Brain) Rothstein -- noted for financing all the nightclubs, bootlegging, etc. for the mob. Ended up murdered. Also Fixed the 1919 World Series.

Young Owney "The Killer" Madden