Jimmy "The Shiv"

Death House Barber of Sing Sing

Immigration and Early Days

Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island - 1907

New York Skyline in 1910

Rockaway Beach in Brooklyn

Rockaway Beach in Brooklyn with 350,000 people 1910

Streets in 1911 -- Little Italy

Mott Street decorated for Fiesta - 1908

Flags of poverty -- the rear of the tenements in Little Italy, around 1907-08

Grocery store of Frank Costello's parents in little Italy when they first arrived

Giuseppi DeStefano, the maestro - Jimmy's Father

Giuseppi DeStefano's Violin

Trolly like the one that Giuseppi fell from and died.

Jimmy - in Italy before 1907. Holding a fiesta flag.

Jimmy as a shoe sign boy

Jimmy in about 1916

The Gopher Gang -- fourth in back row is Owney Madden. A very feared bunch.

Five Points Gang - from this gang came some of the most notable gangsters of the depression period including Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Johnny Torio, Frankie Yale and Jimmy.

Theresa Zito -- Jimmy's first wife

Theresa's Father, Judge Zito -- 1905

Jimmy holding his first son -- who was cut out of picture,

First son, Jimmy nicknamed Sonny

Grace, Jimmy's sister and her husband Antonio Della Sala with their first child, Catherine.

Jimmy's mother Antoinette

Grace's funeral bill (February 11, 1925)

Antonio and three surviving daughters -- L-R Antoinette, Winnie, Catherine.

He is holding confirmation certificate of Antoinette

Mr. Galata (evil step father)

Ellis Island today.