Jimmy "The Shiv"

Death House Barber of Sing Sing

Al Capone

Vincent Ducci, Hymie Weiss, Al Capone, Dion O'Banion

Al Capone -- about 16 or 17 years old -- before he got the scar on his face.

Al "Scarface" Capone

Al Capone in Cuba

Capone's son (bodyguard on right) Jan 22, 1939 -- Coral Gables, Florida. He lost the tournament.

Al Capone Marriage Licence Affadavit

Al Capone Marriage Licence

Al Capone Marriage Licence Certificate of consent

Al Capone Marriage certificate

Al Capone mug shot and fingerprint card removed from the police records as "deceased"

Al Capone's home in Chicago

Al Capone's soup kitchen

Al Capone's family

Al Capone's Headstone